Terms of Agreement

This is how the process works if you choose to contact our firm.

You contact our firm by phone or email. There is a simple contact form on this website that asks for your information we need in order to have an initial conversation with you. The more information you can give us, the more prepared we will be to address your unique questions and concerns.

One of our intake professionals will contact you for a discussion of your potential claim, free of charge and with no obligation. During that conversation, you should be prepared with as many details as possible about the circumstances surrounding your potential claim. Of course, this conversation will be kept strictly confidential.

You have no obligation to us, or we to you, until a contract is signed.

After you and an attorney have spoken and reached a mutual agreement to proceed, we will provide you with a contract that spells out the precise terms of our representation. You have no obligation to us - or we to you - until that contract is signed by both parties.